Metal Ceiling Paint Spraying

Suspended metal ceilings are very common in new build office blocks, they offer a modern look that offers character as opposed to traditional white suspended ceilings. Eventually, metal ceilings can develop issues due to pollution/soiling and oxidisation which can cause the surface to develop issues, which cleaning alone cannot solve.





The cost of replacing ceiling panels is extremely high, and even when you do replace the panels you will be only offering a temporary fix. The best solution will be to have a complete spray paint of the entire metal ceiling, this will not only solve the issues associated with dirt/grime but will also protect the ceiling for the long term in addition to adding a stylish finish to your commercial property.





In addition to commercial office spaces we also offer metal ceiling paint spraying for: factories, warehouses and laboratories. We use hygiene specific anti-bacterial paint to inhibit the growth of bacteria in facilities such as: food manufacturing plants, medical laboratories and hospitals. We have extensive experience in spray painting metal ceilings, one example can be seen with our work at Cheltenham Hospital:





The results truly speak for them self, we have years of experience and specialist knowledge to ensure that metal ceilings are transformed back to new and will last for years to come.


For all metal ceiling spraying enquiries please call Roy - 07888755297 or Lewis - 0788 969 0069