Cement/Concrete Ceiling Paint Spraying


Cement/concrete ceilings often sit above acoustic ceilings in commercial properties, however many properties choose to have exposed concrete ceilings for a modern look - exposing pipework & ventilation, very common in retail. The close proximity of pipes, vents and ducting to the ceiling can cause dirty/unpleasant build ups and pipes/meshing can become rusted, which is most unpleasant to look at with an exposed concrete ceiling.

Our unique paint spraying process is designed to target the underside of concrete/cement ceilings, first of all we will thoroughly clean the entire area - we then scrub down surface to ensure it is clear of all sediment, then using our professional sprayers we will apply an even finish using high grade paint.


Exposed ceiling? No problem - we can work around pipework/ventilation and will adapt to any surfaces which require painting, as such:










A full respray/coat of paint for a new office can really add to the character of the building, covering up dull looking concrete/cement and modernising the overall look. 

For all cement/concrete ceiling spraying enquiries please call Roy - 07888755297 or Lewis - 0788 969 0069