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Commercial Fridge Freezer Spraying service Nottingham

Can You Spray Paint A Fridge Freezer?

Yes, it is possible to spray paint the body of an old fridge freezer to give it a new look. Before spraying the color on the refrigerator, ensure that you have removed all food items, shelves and drawers from inside the unit. Also make sure that you have covered up any surface nearby with a drop cloth to protect them from over spray. Because of heat generated during the spray painting process, there is a chance that cabinets or walls may get damaged or cracked due to extreme heat.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use To Paint A Refrigerator?

To paint a refrigerator, you can use high heat resistant spray paints that are available in home improvement stores. Before you apply the color on it, check its body for any rust or scratches and patch them using sandpaper to get a good finish. Make sure that the chosen color matches with the cabinets of your kitchen. When the painting is over, ensure that you have cleaned all surfaces from dust particles and left no wet remains behind because they will cause an ugly surface when it dries up.

Can You Spray Paint A Rusty Refrigerator?

Yes, if your refrigerator has some rust on it then too you can paint it with a new color. When you are spray painting a rusty refrigerator, make sure that the unit is dry and clean. If there is any loose rust, then remove them using wire brush or sandpaper. Use steel wool to achieve a smooth finish after removing all rusted parts of the fridge freezer.

How Do Prestige Sprayer Fix The Paint On Commercial Fridge In Nottingham?

If there are some paint spots on your fridge, then try to remove them using oil. Also, use sandpaper or steel wool to get rid of any loose paint that may have detached from the surface. Use masking tape to cover up areas that you don't want painted like door handles and knobs. Once everything is ready, spray paint over the affected area will help it look like new again.

When Should You Hire A Prestige Sprayer To Fix The Paint On Commercial Fridge In Nottingham?

If your fridge has some rust or scratches, then it's time for you to get it spayed by our experts. Our professionals are trained for commercial refrigerator spraying and they will ensure that your unit looks like new when they are done with their work.

How Will Prestige Sprayer Deal With Commercial Fridge In Nottingham When Its Paint Is Chipped?

If you have a refrigerator, which has got paint chips and rust on its surface then too we can fix it by spraying new color over it. Before we start our work, we make sure that the fridge freezer is clean and dry. If it has any loose rust, then we remove them before the spraying job is done. Once everything is ready, we spray paint over the entire unit to give it a fresh look.

Will Prestige Sprayer In Nottingham Do Professional Fridge Freezer Spray Job?

Yes, our team can fix scratches and rust on your Commercial Fridge Freezer by spraying it. We are trained in fridge freezer spray painting and can fix any painting problem on your equipment within no time.

Reasons To Choose Prestige Sprayer For Your Commercial Fridge Spray Service?

1. Prestige Sprayers are experts in spraying commercial fridge freezers and can spray your fridge freezer in store and cause minimal disruption to your daily operations. Spraying is the perfect alternative to replacing your fridge freezers- which disrupts how your store can operate and affects your business.

2. Prestige Sprayer uses the latest technology electric sat to be sure this is purpose made for this kind of work it keeps the amount of over spray down to a minimum Don't trust anyone else with your Fridges .

3. We also provide best price quotes from different companies near me who can give you the same kind of deal for your commercial fridge cleaning quote without compromising the quality of service provided to you with time and date as per your convenience.

4. We Use modern and state of the art tools and equipment to provide you best service in the shortest possible time.

If you need a fridge freezer spraying service in Nottingham to maintain your commercial fridges, call Prestige Sprayers

Prestige Spray painters work within the whole West Midlands region including

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So no matter where you are based, we can help. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote!

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