Commercial Fridge Freezer Spraying


Prestige Sprayers are experts in spraying commercial fridge freezers and can spray your fridge freezer in store and cause minimal disruption to your daily operations. Spraying is the perfect alternative to replacing your fridge freezers- which disrupts on how your store can operate and affects your business


Prestige Sprayers use only the most up to date technology to ensure fridge freezers

Have the best possible finish giving the look of a brand new unit. If your store

Needs to freshen up their freezer section this is the perfect solution.

All are Prestige Sprayers operatives are highly trained individuals who take pride in their work. You can be sure that not only will your freezers section look brand new but that all

The preventive measure to stop over spray will be undertaken.

Prestige Sprayers only use the latest technology electric sat to be sure this is purpose made for this kind of work it keeps the amount of over spray down to a minimum this is combined

With mobile extraction unit