Ceiling Spray Painting


Often ceilings and suspended ceilings can become dirty, discoloured and damaged and can spoil the aesthetic feel of your commercial premises. When the time comes to paint the ceiling it can be a tough job, especially with commercial property that typically includes: suspended, acoustic, cement/concrete or metal ceilings. Some classic examples of ceilings that are in need of spray painting can be seen here:






As soon as the ceiling in your commercial property is starting to show signs of staining we highly recommend getting a ceiling spray. This simple procedure can bring life back to your office space and brighten up dull, outdated ceiling panels for a fraction of the price it would cost to get the ceiling replaced. Ceiling spray painting delivers outstanding results, here are a couple of commercial spray painting jobs we have completed - our highly skilled paint sprayers leave the ceilings looking good as new:












Here at Prestige Sprayers we have many years experience in the techniques of ceiling spraying, our specialist ceiling sprayers can give your tired old ceiling a new lease of life. Whether it is an office block, supermarket, retail premises or a warehouse facility - we will have a solution to meet your needs.


For all ceiling spraying enquiries, please contact Roy directly on 07888755297 or Lewis 07889690069.